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August Berg Watches

Best Minimalist Watch Straps

August Berg watches are paired with either our signature Perlon straps, classic Milanese Stainless Steel Mesh, or the timeless genuine Italian leather straps.

Our Perlon straps are meticulously crafted using high-quality nylon, intricately woven to increase functionality and style whist the classic Stainless Steel Milanese Mesh straps are designed to be dense and tight, making them especially smooth to the wrist.  The Genuine Italian Leather straps are meant to withstand wear and tear for everyday wear.

Personalising every day style is effortless with our interchangeable mesh strap, perlon strap, and leather strap. There's a strap for every occasion and fashion taste.

Best Sellers

Best Sellers

Black Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Men

Our black watch collection is for the minimalist enthusiasts – those who wish to let simplicity and seamlessness do all the talking. Made with premium components and with great attention to detail, the best black watch for men is the perfect everyday timepiece that looks flawless in any style. Each elegant, minimalist classic black watch carries our name well and possesses irresistible charm.

Black Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Women

The minimalist black watch may be around for a long time, but it is here to stay. Along with the simplicity of a classic black watch, it also exudes superb elegance and luxury. The delicacy of the design conveys the essence of class while emitting emotions. From an elegant to an everyday look, nothing is impossible with our black watch collection. Invest in the best black watch for women classic black watch for that glamorous and sophisticated look.

Blue Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Men

From Serenity to Morris & Co., our classic blue watch comes in a range of designs suitable for varying personalities. Its highly versatile nature pushes the blue watch as the crowd’s favourite.
The best blue watch for men is flexible enough to transition easily between different events throughout the day. Our blue watch collection is available in mesh, perlon, and leather straps.

Blue Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Women

Blue watches have always been a favourite due to its calming cool tone and beautiful duality. Our classic blue watch offers a top-notch design to make them more appealing. Each style can flawlessly match any wardrobe whether for a formal office or an everyday look. It may be surprising how pleasant a blue watch complements ladies, like it does for men. Unveil the beauty of blue with our best blue watch for women collection.

Brown Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Men

Brown represents warmth, friendliness, and sincerity. It makes for a perfect colour choice of watch for dressing up and looking smart. Our classic brown watch is the ultimate masculine timepiece to complete the smart casual look. The best brown watch for men gives freedom in expressing personal style without losing the cool factor over time. Shop our selection of timepieces with brown straps today!

Brown Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Women

Some colour trends come and go while others stand the test of time, looking good no matter the fad. Our classic brown watch is a good testament to how well the colour withstands it all. Its subdued, warm tone makes the timepieces with brown straps remain popular. Paired with high-quality, genuine Italian leather or perlon straps, it’s no surprise our best brown watch for women has gained popularity.

Burgundy Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Women

The burgundy tone is considered as loud, bold and symbolises confidence. It is the reason why our burgundy watches gained such popularity among women. Our classic burgundy watch stands out as a statement piece – suitable for casual or formal occasions. Designed with minimalist features, the best burgundy watch for women from our collection enables us to offer luxury but affordable timepieces to every woman.

Genuine Italian Leather Straps

The leather strap is one of the most versatile bands for any designer watch. It offers a classic, naturally soft, and light feel, making the watch exceptionally comfortable to wear. Made from genuine Italian leather, our minimalist watches with leather strap selections come in different colours and sizes. No matter if you are searching for a formal, casual, or sporty timepiece, there’s a leather watch strap for you.

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Gold Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Men

A classic gold watch is one of the most versatile accessories for any fashion statement. Wearing the best gold watch for men offers significant flexibility as it matches everything in the wardrobe - regardless of what style to flaunt, from a classic, rugged look to something casual and formal.

Gold Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Women

A classic gold watch never goes out of style. Gold has always been a favourite among women as it symbolises luxury, beauty, and greatness. Owning the best gold watch for women is an investment in your appearance and fashion style. Stand out among the crowd with our gold signature watches.

Green Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Men

Timepieces in green hue are nothing new. Green is the most acceptable colourful tone behind the widely preferred blue. A classic green watch is usually associated with nature or environmentalism, creating hype over eco-friendly watches. Available in minimalist design and in iconic, timeless prints on the dial, the best green watch for men from our collection perfectly encapsulates the charming nature of the green shade.

Green Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Women

Ever since the launching of watches with green dials in the market, the craze continues to captivate more women, showing no sign of a passing trend. The refreshing look and uniqueness of the colour make August Berg’s classic green watch an exquisite addition to any jewellery collection. Discover the best green watch for women from our range of selections, featuring minimalist yet luxury designs that can match any personality.

Morris & Co. x August Berg Collection

Morris & Co. x August Berg Collection

Celebrating the elegant craftsmanship of William Morris, August Berg brings to life his iconic nature motifs through a selection of elegant yet minimalistic timepieces for both men and women.


The Morris & Co. collection is available in 30mm and 38mm dials with two variations of watch straps – August Berg’s signature Perlon strap and the classic Milanese Mesh. A tribute to Morris’ well-loved designs, the collection showcases a series of beloved Morris & Co. prints, including the iconic Pimpernel, Strawberry Thief, Love Is Enough, and Forest Hare; all of which are featured on the classic August Berg dials. Our William Morris watches exude a unique, timeless elegance without compromising functionality. This collection makes a great addition to the ever-popular William Morris accessories.

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